It can be hard to know what entertainment to chose for your event.  Most of the time guests are looking for something different then the same musicians that perform at events.  If you want to stand out from the crowd,then you should hire a magician.  There are plenty of reasons why you should do this, which we will cover.

Brand Recognition

Other types of entertainment won’t always offer an exciting time for your guests and be more background entertainment. Using a magician is simpler and a more distinct way for you to promote yourself and give people an event to remember.

If you keep your guests entertained by a magician, then they will remember your business and come back and it’s a great way for people to remember your brand.

Grand Openings & Trade Shows

Magicians fit well with grand openings and trade shows too.  They can unveil new products and explore a lot of other options that you may not have thought about.

You can rarely find such a unique act for events as a magician.  They can offer you a custom unique magic experience.You can change the dynamics of your event that you may never have thought about otherwise.


Magicians are great to cover for any delays at your event.  If you need extra chairs or spaces, then let the magician carry on performing for everyone while you sort the problem out. They are usually experts at improvisations.

Magicians Are Versatile And Require Little Setup Or Space

Magicians are the most versatile entertainers for your party or event.  They can work anywhere and with little equipment.

A Close-up magicianwill adapt their performance to suit the audience. Whether it’s performing table to table or mingling pre-drinks, there is a performance to suit every occasion. Using a magician for your event is great because it is flexible.  A close-up magic trick can be as long or short as you require it to be.

Great As An Ice Breaker

At an event using a magician brings people together.  No matter who you are or where you come from everyone is amazed by the magic and it gives them something to talk about together.

According to David Penn Close-Up Magician “Magic is not invasive, and it will not ruin the event for people that are not interested.  They get the choice of whether to watch and be involved or not.

A magician is great to encourage interaction and it will create a buzz and energy at your event.  People will laugh, have fun and interact with the magician.

Having a magician at your event is a unique entertainment.  Some people have never seen a magician in real life, and you will be giving them a chance to experience this.  Therefore, it will be a talking point for the future which you will be remembered by and leave people wondering “how did they do that?”

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