The film industry is a complicated world that involves many people. However, viewers usually only associate actors and actresses with films. In reality, without the following key people, most movies would never reach your local movie theater.


Directors focus on how to tell a film’s story. This includes deciding how to translate the script into believable interactions and events. Directors often help with casting and set design. Their role continues as they coach actors, actresses, sound technicians and the other crew members through filming. Directors usually provide guidance during the editing process as well so that the finished product still resembles their vision.


Producers are usually lesser known than directors, but they are just as important. They observe the filmmaking process and make sure that each step happens properly. Duties include assisting with administrative details for filming and directing and picking the script. Producers also must help with financial concerns such as budgeting. Producers such as Heather Parry, who has been the head of multiple production organizations, must manage the vision of the director and other artists with the more practical concerns of making a movie.


Sometimes directors write their own scripts. Frequently, though, they will pay a writer to create the script for a movie. Screenwriters usually have creative writing degrees and are experienced with crafting believable dialogue. The director may provide a synopsis of the story and outline any key moments. While the screenwriter may not be involved with the film once the script is done, the director may choose to alter the script to better fit the flow of the movie.


Capturing the script and the actors’ work takes skill. Cinematographers lead the film crew as they manage both video and sound recorders. They also control the lighting and set.

The next time you watch a movie, pay attention to the people whose work often goes unnoticed. They are just as important as the actors.

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