When it comes to weddings in Minnesota, many couples prefer Minneapolis over other cities. Minneapolis has some incredible wedding venues, some of which are ideal for all the fairytale events you always wanted. In this post, we are sharing all worth knowing about finding a venue for tying the knot in Minneapolis.

Where’s the location?

Comparing wedding venues in Minneapolis is easier, when you look at the location. No matter whether you are inviting hundreds or just fifty guests, you want them to attend your wedding, and therefore, the venue should be accessible to everyone. If you have guests coming from other cities and states, you need a venue that’s close to hotels, rentals.

What about catering?

Minneapolis wedding venues either accept caterers from outside, or they have their own network of caterers that you can choose from. If the venue has its own liquor license, you have to rely on them for the drinks. Keep in mind that the cost of catering and venue can be completely different, but there is always some scope to experiment.

Do you have a list of vendors?

Wedding venue is just one of the first things you will book. You will need sound & audio equipment, decorators, florists and other people who can create the ambience for your reception. Venues can actually help with a list of vendors, and that way, you may have some scope to discuss the prices better. Make sure that you have the flexibility to choose vendors and the venue shouldn’t impose restrictions on that.

What about estimates and advance payments?

Well, most venues in Minneapolis will not return the money you give as advance, but even in that case, you are expected to get an estimate. The estimate should clearly mention what’s included, and ask beforehand about the amount of money you can actually have to pay. Also, check how quickly you need to pay the entire amount. For example, many venues will insist that you pay the whole of booking amount 30 days before the wedding.

Taking the call

Finally, don’t forget to check some of the smaller things, such as number of parking spots available, if the place has enough bathrooms, and most importantly, if you will have a manager helping with everything. Don’t shy away from asking relevant aspects related to additional fees that might be applicable for certain events. Shortlist Minneapolis wedding venues now!

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